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Keeper of Secrets

A dead father. A shattering accusation. A killer on the prowl.

Ex-RAF pilot Mitch Chandler reluctantly leaves the sanctuary of the Canadian wilderness and returns to England following the sudden death of his father, Jack. It is 1970, and he discovers he is heir to a fortune he knew nothing about, an amount so large it is surely tainted.

All Mitch’s assumptions about his father and his family are challenged as he journeys into Jack’s past; a bohemian life in the smoky jazz clubs of pre-war Paris and a passionate love affair with a beautiful French woman that ended in violent murder.

And why did a respected Free French officer disappear at the height of the Battle of Britain? Was it desertion? Or something else?

All Mitch wants is to go back to his peaceful, solitary life. But he finds himself torn between a fierce loyalty to his father and a compulsion to uncover the truth, however painful, and however dangerous.

Because since he left Canada people keep trying to kill him.

* * *

From 1940 and the carnage of war-torn France to swinging London in 1970. From the Battle of Britain to the Berlin Wall, from the underbelly of London’s Soho to a majestic French château.