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About the author

Hey there. I’m JJ and I write stories.

JJ at his house in France

I’ve been devouring the greats – from Raymond Chandler to Ian Fleming, John LeCarré, Elmore Leonard, Len Deighton, Graham Greene, Lawrence Durrell, Stieg Larssen, Lee Child, William Boyd and lots more my whole life. I didn’t know it but these writers were teaching me about storytelling. Which is why I write mysteries, page-turners, putting believable and frequently conflicted men and women into situations of danger, betrayal, love or war where they laugh, cry, live, love—and sometimes die. And I mostly set my tales in the last seventy-odd years, because as psychotherapist Philippa Perry says:

“We are fascinated by the world just before we were born. It is the soil from which we came.”

 And that’s how ex-RAF fighter pilot Jean-Michel (Mitch) Chandler came to life! 

It’s the summer of 1970. His father has died suddenly and made Mitch heir to an unknown fortune. Mystery upon mystery catapult him into his father’s murky past in Keeper of Secrets. After three more books, several attempts on his life and some very bad people face down in the mud, it’s 1971 and Mitch knows everything. But his knowledge has come at a price. His quest leaves him profoundly changed, beyond anything he could have imagined.

I write the kind of stories that I love to read, and I hope you will too.